What is scarce is expensive

Low supply and high demand results to an expensive commodity.

When oligarchy, monopoly and other non-fulfilling economic regimes abuse power, they play with these two factors to maximize for their benefit.

Gold, oil, precious gems, ingenuity are expensive when they jump towards the levels of scarcity.

When a person works very hard and increases his value, he reaches a level where only a few could reach, therefore, he reaches the club of the scarce. He could now demand higher rates and become expensive.

However, in the Connection Economy, knowledge is no longer scarce. It is widely available and accessible for anyone who has a computer and an internet connection.

What is scarce here is no longer physical commodity but attention. In the digital world where most knowledge (both good and bad) is free, it is the attention that is precious.

Therefore, to waste someone’s attention, is to waste something valuable and expensive.