“What if I fail?”

yes you will.

Reality is, we all stumble in many ways. Past, present and future, we all have our share of failures. Anyone who says he is never at fault is never close to reality. (1 John 1:8)

Saying “I have not failed” and “I won’t” is doom.

What’s glorious is acknowledging our tremendous failures, seeing its tendencies within us, and helping others walk the Way of Freedom (John 14:6).

We wish people are more honest about their struggles, that we didn’t feel alone in our failures and sin and heartbreak. We enjoy the fellowship of transparency. We wish that for ourselves too.

Being real about failures and being accepted towards rescue is a good thing. But being real and being encouraged in that continued failure is downfall.

We long for transparent relationships with people and walk in and be genuine. An environment, a family willing to enter our mess and point us towards the Light and walk with us towards that destination.