When lost, go back to the call

because the world at some point may become a dark place for you, not all the time we know where to go.

Go back to the call because there are times that there will be no light, no road to follow, and confusion seems to take place. It’s not that the light fails, but we fail. We divert to some other creepy roads.

In times of darkness, know that there is still a voice which leads to light. When in darkness, for sure, a command is somehow violated. This command is a light, and also the voice that every human is to follow:

“And God said to [the humans], Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion…” Genesis 1:28

Every human has a call, and yes, it can be summarized to one sentence. Hearken and follow this call, it will lead you to his glorious design. This is the command of the Creator to every man.

Some call it “Cultural Mandate” or “Call to Re-productivity.” This means that within every human being is the call to propagate, to reproduce, to be fruitful. This is even reiterated by the Christ Himself at Matthew 28.

Innate to us is the desire to dominate a portion of the planet’s resource, and manage it to yield value. By these activities, we imitate the Creator Himself. Whether working with humans (spiritual) or with things (material), the blends and tides of our work encompasses the principles within this mandate.

If we work more with humans, let’s manage them well. Let’s be good team managers. We are to repent from the moments we did not administrate well. Let us pursue building relationships on the bases of His good design. Form friendships, families and incarnate His principles to your daily life.

If your inclination is more on things, manage them well. Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works. Be a wonderful manager. Be a faithful and reproductive steward. Abhor waste. Yield fruits. Be a person of value.

For things and relationships, same principle, same mandate. No greater joy for someone than to follow her design. Follow this call.