Month: March 2014

Hybrain Dev. Corp, Bacolod City

What Leadership is all about

I’ve been thinking about leadership lately, and it appeals to me how people go through life trying to develop it and use it to achieve success. The world is in a quest for true leadership. Even my curious mind has been wondering a lot about it, that’s why I tried to conduct some search. Until …

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Money and the Bible

We are living in a materialistic world. We live in a universe wherein man is “spiritually dead” or “spiritually separated” from the Creator who made him. Thus, naturally, man has no interest on the things of His Creator, man is blinded and disinterested about Him (2 Cor. 2:14). The Bible is very consistent on its …

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The Signs of Materialism

It’s easy to get hooked into the roller-coaster ride of worldly pursuits. We work hard to buy things, then work hard to maintain them. It’s an endless vicious cycle, and without the Word of God’s salvific words, we can’t help but slide down the pathway of materialism. Materialism is a way of thinking. I think …

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