Inspiring Filipino Bloggers who blog about Biblical Christianity

It is uplifting to know fellow Filipinos who are sharing their life through their blogs. I am blessed whenever people take the effort to create a good work and capture their heart and mind into a written piece.

First it was in Yahoo! where I discovered this ANC On The Money program, and I was blessed with the wisdom and biblical principles that they give. Though not perfect, I find it enlightening and encouraging, as it helps develop financial literacy in our nation. This program empowered me to be faithful in stewarding His entrusted gifts, and also led me to become a Licensed Financial Adviser at Sun Life Philippines.

Here are some:

Jezreel Notarte. Jez posts his sermons and thoughts on this wordpress-hosted blog. His write-ups are theologically-sound and classical. As of my current writing, he serves in a Cagayan de Oro church.

Teach with Joy. A blog for parents, families, and Sun-Feb-01-2015-01-31-08-GMT-0800
homeschooling that shares good contributions in raising children in the fear of God. Joy’s faithful dedication to family and children’s well-being is inspirational. Joy is also the daughter of Peter Tan-Chi, pastor of Christ Commission Fellowship and wife of a Christian named Edric Mendoza who hosts an ANC program. She recently published a book When a Good God Allows Rape ($2.99 at Kindle), an auto-biography of her past history, her struggles and her victory as an overcomer.

francis kongFrancis Kong -a seasoned businessman who also works as consultant and career-developer. He specializes in Leadership. He has previously managed a garments company and multiple others. His profound experience with Millenial employees and exposure to Biblical knowledge enable him to be a thought leader and inspiring speaker to fellow Filipinos around the globe. His clients range from Philippine-led companies to multi-national ones. I have personally attended Francis Kong’s seminars as a Sun Life Advisor and currently follow his posts. Get his ebooks here.

author-1Chinkee Tan is a motivational speaker with a concentration on wealth management. I’ve attended his seminar in Ikthus Bacolod and he is witty, funny and profound. My exposure to his Youtube videos and books in my early 20’s equipped me to work out my financial life with grace and wisdom. My personal note is not to look at him in the misunderstood perspective of prosperity Gospel, but Biblical stewardship. He wrote Rich for Life: Secrets of Those Who Stayed Rich for Life and How You Can be One.

Randell-2013Randell Tiongson is a finance professional and columnist for national tabloids. He also conducts seminars around the world, especially with Filipino communities, with the goal of helping them achieve financial freedom. I’m personally benefited by his works. I have a personal ordered one of his books which can be found in his personal website.

61KrhnX8-EL._UX250_Act Like a Man. A group’s blog where each contributor gives a portion of their wisdom to help men grow in the Lord. The contributors include men like Dennis Sy, Richard Poon who also blogs on music and Christian topics.

Yeng Remulla. Founder of The Productive Pinoy and a Book Publisher. He is one of the youngest Filipino inspirational writer I have known so far.

Sean Si. Pastor, blogger, Entrepreneur, SEO Specialist. Public Speaker. He runs his SEO company and offers services to online and offline companies.

david_bonifacioDavid Bonifacio. David is an entrepreneur, an executive, an artist and a company leader. He writes poems, create art and social entrepreneurial programs. I like the combination of his gifts, talents and passions. I can say that I am more like this man. I think I discovered him in Instagram, found out his blog and continuously followed his thoughts. I am blessed by his self-revelatory, thinking-out-loud writing style.

I may not really know them very much, nor could really prove about the genuineness of their faith, as it is only through the fruit of our lives which can serve as the basis of such claim (2 Corinthians 13:5), but isn’t it a good thing to see that the Lord is moving in our midst and God is letting us see the seeds of the gospel growing and multiplying?

Somehow, seeing Christian Filipino bloggers will also challenge the coming generations to search for God, turn from sin, seek for wisdom, develop skills and cultivate character. Let us pray for His grace to shower down upon us and bear fruit in the lives of our countrymen. May we continue to see more Filipinos be transformed by the Word of Truth.

Let us pray that this trend would continue

…and that the Lord would shine His Light through us in this country and in the whole world,

…that He will continue to save more of us, and bless others around the world,

…and that God would raise an army of His representatives of His Kingdom here on earth.

Do you know some more Christian Filipino authors and bloggers? Let’s build this list. Share them through the form below.




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