Know Him without being picky


What would you feel if a person only wanted to pick and accept your positive character and not the others? What if people dwell only in the good things they want from you and not the things that make you angry? People who don’t like to know you holistically may never be interested at you at all. At the first place, knowing and loving someone demands an acceptance of his whole personality.

The same way, if a person is not interested in the other characteristics of God like His holiness, justice, wrath, etc. and think of them as offensive, it is actually God who is offended. God wants you to know Him as He reveals Himself in His Word. Selecting only what we like is never a good move to be in a relationship with someone. It takes whole acceptance and learning of his Person. As Paul says, “that I may know Him.”

And I say this, that if you want a God that is not the God revealed in His Word, that is a dangerous attitude which makes us idol-makers. We should not form God according to our likes and dislikes. We are not to force God into our molds, but rather believe on Him  and know Him as He is.