2 Types of Income: Mangga and Monggo

two types of income how to earn pinoy business

Mangga and Monggo are Filipino words for Mango Fruit and Mung Beans. The reason for its usage is because of the nature of the growth of these two vegetation.

The Monggo/Mung Bean grows fast. When planted today, it could grow and be eaten in a few days. The grown monggo is called Tau-ge. Even the monggo seeds can be eaten when cooked. Income that are of the monggo type will cause you to earn fast but not that passive. Typically, this type of income depends on your performance or attendance. Here are some examples:

  1. Working per hour.
  2. Doing service jobs.
  3. Being an employee.
  4. Consulting.
  5. Buy and Sell.

The Mangga plant takes time. It will take years of work before you will see fruits. You cannot expect immediate returns in a Mangga type of income, but in the long run, it will bear consistent income flow. It may pose some risk. It may not yield as you expected, but it allows you to build income slowly through time. These types of investments take time and a huge amount of savings, but they will serve as passive when maturity comes.awesome-mango-tree-desktop-background-hd-wallpapers-widescreen-images-free-download

    1. Writing Ebooks
    2. Stock Market investment
    3. Real Estate (Rental Income or Lot Value Appreciation)
    4. Land Ownership (Buying and holding to increase value)
    5. Mutual Funds
    6. Precious Metals
    7. VUL

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