The effects of computer games to Filipino children

Growing up in the 90’s in the streets of the Philippines allowed me to witness the rise of information technology around the globe, and see its swift effect on shifting cultures. My memory can still bring me lots of different childhood past times that are rarely seen among the younger generation nowadays, one of these is with regards to games.

Because of computers, I can only seldom see the streets now filled with children who are shouting, running, hiding or playing. To play games back then would mean “to face, compete and play with playmates”. Now, it shifted into facing a computer.

I can still remember classic games we have back then like Hide and Seek (Tago-tago-an/panagu-ay), tumba patis/tumba-lata, marble games/ lens lens, patintero/enter-enter, limbo rock and many more. Human playmates were replaced by computers, and reality were replaced by virtual reality.

I believe that the rise of information leads to the rise of knowledge, and that is good for the economy, but it has also its downside. Thousands or even millions of my fellow young men were hooked up in computer games and online games. Lots of time were wasted and lots of money were invested in vain.

This is one of the factors that I see which destroys many lives. That instead of using their time to spend with their loved ones, develop skills and go to worthwhile activities, many are spending too much and wasting too much. Instead of installing good content to your brain, you let death, brutality, pride and egotism have its full unhindered way. The effect still bounces back to the society, the wrong move still goes back to us and the fruits are only produced from what we have sown.

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Hi, I am the author of Entrepreneurship and the Bible. I write, speak, mentor and design. I live in Bacolod City, Philippines.
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